Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome to My Blog!

      You may ask, "What's it about?" Well, truth is, I'm not sure! For several years, since retiring, I've been asking God, "What do You want me to do?" I'm not really ready to stop being useful, but my primary "gift" is words. I was fortunate to be able to make a living writing for about ten years. I wrote magazine articles, primarily about travel. (Yes, it was fun!) But what does a retiree do with words?
      I've been blessed for the past seven years to be part of a wonderful singing group, Wing and A Prayer (You can find us on Facebook or on the web). Our talented leader, Phil Giallombardo, has generously mentored me through writing lyrics for a few of our songs. I fear this has been a much greater blessing to me than to anyone else, and yet, I pray always that our songs bless someone who hears them in some way.
      But lately I've been yearning for more. A way to share my thoughts, touch someone with my words, pass on a few things I've learned in my nearly sixty-five (!) years. It was either my husband Bill or my son Christian who suggested a blog, and so finding it not too difficult to begin, here I am.
      What will follow remains to be seen, but I invite you to join me on my next "journey" ....

                                         "Yes, happy are those who have it like this!
                                     Happy indeed are those whose God is the LORD."
                                                                                -- Psalm 144: 15 (NLT)


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